University of Oulu
Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)

Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) in the University if Oulu is a teaching and research unit situated at the Faculty of Education.

WGS has built its competence in projects where research, education and work on the societal level meet. WGS’s central research areas are gender and sexual violence; gender and education; and gender sensitivity and ethical issues in education.

The recent research projects of WGS have been focused on the social construction of gender identities, power relations and violence in schools including EC Daphne projects AWARE, AWARE ll and APROPOS that developed multiprofessional training for violence prevention and non-violence and ALLIES - Teacher’s and Parent’s Alliance for Early Violence Prevention in Preschool. Women's and Gender Studies has developed non-violent and gender sensitive pedagogy consistently and this work is continued also in the future. Projects with a focus in developing education include also projects focusing on e-learning and mentoring online.