Grup Scolar Victor Jinga

Grup Scolar Victor Jinga is a public institution of initial and continuous vocational training, which has courses for 850 students over the age of 15 in the fields of trading, IT, electrical, mechanical, wood manipulation, students that are trained by 64 professors, specialists in their respective fields. The students are trained in several forms of schooling, such as: technological high school – direct and progressive education route, and a high school with evening classes.

Also, the school organizes post-high school courses and, more importantly, keeps in touch with graduates, guiding them in their career choices and organizing continuous professional training sessions for them. The professional training provided by specialists takes place both inside the institution - in offices, laboratories and specialized workshops, but also at the offices of businesses that have signed partnerships with the school. It is also an institution that allocates material and financial resources obtained from external sources in order to provide students with the equipment and materials adequate for each profile.

School Cluster Victor Jinga serves the Sacele community and those around it among which a significant number of Roma citizens reside. For them, the institution has promoted partnerships that develop professional training programs appropriate to their needs, including some programs in Romani.